National Finals Rodeo: Watch NFR 202​1 Live Stream Online

This coming National Finals Rodeo is a must-watch event if you want to see cowboy ride and participate in bull and bronco activities. The ten-day event is anticipated to turn the atmosphere around the ​​Thomas & Mack Center, ​Las Vegas, starting the ​2nd to 1​1th Of December. Moreover, it is also expected that many fans will be available to cheer their favorite cowboys. This has been confirmed by the rate at which the tickets are selling. Here we are going to inform you of various aspects of this event that will be officially broadcast by ​The Cowboy Channel+. Obviously the NFR live stream every night.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
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The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
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On the other hand, we also understand that you might be yearning to watch the Wrangler NFR but limited by the higher costs associated with cable TVs. If you here looking for a solution to such a worry, then we again assure you that you are the right place. In this piece of work, we are going to inform you how you can watch the National Finals Rodeo 202​1 with or without a cable.

Ok, let us set our boat sailing.

Wrangler NFR 2021 Overview
Event63rd National Finals Rodeo
DateDecember 2nd through 11th, 2021
StadiumThomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas
Time5:45 PM to 9:45 PM (local time)
TV BroadcasterThe Cowboy Channel+
Online StreamWatch Online

What date is the NFR 202​1?

The 6​3rd Wrangler NFR main event will kick off on the ​2nd of December. It is expected to run for 10 consecutive days. So, it will end on the 1​1th of December. Go to our schedule page and check 10-day performance date and time.

What time does the NFR start?

If you want to know the exact starting time, then be on the radar that all main activities that will make all the ten rounds of this event will start and end within the 6.45 PM and 9.00 PM. The junior events will run from 8.00 AM.

Where is the NFR being held in 202​1?

This coming NFR is happening again in ​​Las Vegas at ​​​​Thomas & Mack Center. So, if you want to enjoy all of the NFR events, the best place to book space is the MGM resort. If you already there make sure your stay is upgraded to allow the party going into the night. Here you will able to enjoy some other events like the Gold buckle, Cowboy Ville among many other events.

NFR TV Rights

202​1 National Finals Rodeo usually has limited TV coverage. NFR countdown is on. For this coming event, ​The Cowboy Channel+ still have got the rights to broadcast all the rounds starting ​2nd to 1​1th December. However, they only have the right to broadcast the ​​Vegas Rodeo within the US. For international fans, the Pro Rodeo TV & NFR Pass have secured the rights.

What is the Wrangler Network?

The Wrangler Network gives the live coverage of world’s premier rodeo. This includes the coverage of bull riding, steer wrestling, roping, and many other rodeo events across the United States. Moreover, it offers the statistics and highlights of the Rodeo event for those who live and lover the cowboy competition.

What performances will be shown in the NFR?

Here are the performances that will be shown during the NFR.

  • Each night before the main NFR event, Andy Griggs and Dem Boys will perform
  • And each after the main NFR event, the Britt Stokes Band will perform. This will be from 5th to 10th December. Sean Curtis will perform starting 11th to 12th.

All these performances will be available free for those who have an NFR ticket.

  • Bareback Riding

Bareback riding can be likened to riding a jackhammer with one hand.

Bareback riding has been taken as riding a jackhammer just using one hand. During this event, many cowboys endure more abuse that sometimes results in permanent injuries. In 2018, we saw Tim O'Connell emerge the winner.

  • Steer wrestling

This is another stimulating event of NFR. The event requires the combination of speed and strength to wrestle down a steer released into the arena. The cowboy chases the steer using a horse. The faster he does the better to win the competition. Last year, Tyler Waguespack emerged the quickest.

  • Saddle Bronc Riding

This is a classic part of Rodeo. It is a contrast and complement of bareback riding or bull riding. Just like steer wrestling, it requires strength. Also, the event demands for style, and price timing. It is a very technical event with the cowboy required to stay on top of a bucking horse for at least 8 seconds. Wade Sundel carried home the title during last year’s edition.

  • Tie-Down Roping

From the name itself, you can try to guess what usually happens in this event. The calf is released into the arena and the cowboy has to chase it using a horse throw a rope and tie it down. Last year, Caleb Smidt won the event.

  • Team Roping

This is the only true team event in Rodeo. It demands a closer co-operation and timing between two cowboys one as header and the other as a healer riding on their horses. The header who is usually mandated with roping the head and the heeler, who is mandated with roping the feet, cooperate to tie down and immobilize Steer released into the arena. Last year, Clay smith was the top header and Paul Eaves was the best Healer.

  • Bull Riding

This is another dangerous event of Rodeo. Just like bareback riding, it leaves many cowboys with injuries. However, it is a game and many cowboys still yearn to compete in this event. More so, it has many fans and has been ranked as the most popular event of Rodeo. The fan comes when the cowboy must stay on the back of a bucking bull of more than 200 pounds as long as possible to be the winner. Last year, Sage Kimzey, was the best.

  • Barrel Racing

In this event, cowboys and cowgirls race their horses over some set barrels. The event is usually timed. The barrels are usually set in a pattern. In 2018, Hailey Kinsel topped any other contester.

Watch NFR 202​1 Live Stream

Are you looking for the best way to live stream the NFR? Though nowadays, it is being considered as the cheapest way to watch any event, for NFR you have limited options. Besides, it still an alternative to those who don’t the way go but still don’t want to miss any part of Rodeo.

For this year’s edition, you can follow everything live and in HD from ProRodeoTV and If you are in the US, you can stream from ​The Cowboy Channel+. There is also online TV, which comes with ​TCC in their packages and they will offer the online coverage. We will look at some of those channels, in the later sections. Just keep reading.

TV Rights to Watch NFR 202​1 in USA?

Are you in the USA and want to be part of those fans who have decided to watch the 202​1 ​​Vegas NFR live streaming at the comfort of their sofas? Do you know the channels that have acquired the right to broadcast live events across the USA? It is non-other than ​The Cowboy Channel+. The channel is exclusive only to those who are within the US.

Ways to Stream NFR 202​1 in Canada?

For sure, if you are among those searching for the greatest way to access all, the ten rounds of the WNFR, without necessarily packing and going to the USA, the Sportsnet West is the channel to tune to. You can as well get part of the live coverage from the Sportsnet ONE. Moreover, Canadian rodeo fans will be able to watch the ten-day rodeo on Bell Fibe TV in Channel 1417 (HD).

How to Stream 202​1 NFR in Mexico?

If you are in Mexico, you have as well the chance to cheer the NFR like any other fan across the globe. It is your right to cheer. You have the freedom to watch but it is the right of the ​​The Cowboy Channel+, NFR Pass and ProRodeoTV to cover the event live for you while in Mexico. 

Channel to Watch NFR 202​1 in UK?

While in the UK, you also have to struggle to watch NFR. For sure, there are limited options in the region. However, ​The Cowboy Channel+ can allow watching some of the rounds. You will be required to sign up, and be able to stream the NFR at the comfort of your home.

What Channel will be the NFR on
DirecTVChannel 221 (HD)
Dish NetworkChannel 158 (HD)
Verizon FiOSChannel 94 (SD)
Channel 594 (HD)
Bell Fibe TV (Canada)Channel 1417 (HD)

How to watch 202​1 NFR Live Stream Online?

Do you live in the USA or outside and still think that online is the best way of watching NFR live stream online? Ok, if you are in the USA, the best channel of watching NFR online is ​The Cowboy Channel+, which is provided by ​The Cowboy Channel+ (​TCC). This implies that it is only suitable for USA fans.

For international fans, ProRodeoTV has acquired the rights. Though to access the TV internationally, you will be required to subscribe.

Moreover, there are online TVS that will also be airing the event. Here are some of them.


The first online TV, to consider when looking for the way to watch the NFR online is Fubo TV. It is a popular online TV known for giving quality streaming service. They broadcast many events and sports.

The important fact here is that they have ​TCC in its packages and this is a guarantee you will able to stream NFR online.

DirecTV Now

The other online TV to consider is DirecTV Now. With a registered account, you will be able to stream NFR from ​TCC. Here, you only require to have a streaming device such as a phone, computer or through the DirecTV app. The app can be downloaded from the app store or Google store.

Sling TV

If you have been searching for the cheapest way to watch NFR live online, then it should be the option. At only a monthly subscription of $25 per month, you will able to stream your favorite event. Moreover, they offer a seven day trial period, which is ideal for you to watch the event free up to round seven.

Hulu TV

With Hulu TV, you can enjoy over 50 on-demand TV channels. Among those channels is the ​The Cowboy Channel+, which is the official NFR broadcaster. This implies that you will be able to stream your favorite event but on a subscription. They also offer a trial period.

YouTube TV

Another alternative is YouTube TV. To watch NFR live on YouTube, you must first know the YouTube channel that will broadcast the event. The wrangler Network is the YouTube channel. Here you can also access the interviews and any other reviews about NFR and cowboys. 

PlayStation Vue

Our last option for streaming NFR live online is the PlayStation Vue. Being one of the giant live streaming service providers, there is no doubt that they can facilitate you to watch NFR online. It is also considered the cheaper option as at only a monthly subscription of $45, and some trial period on top, you will be able to watch all the ten rounds of NFR.

Options to Watch NFR 202​1 from Anywhere?

While it is clear that there limited options to watch NFR particularly if you are outside the USA, but it doesn’t imply that you are limited to watch your favorite event. ​The Cowboy Channel+ is the official broadcaster, can only provide coverage within the USA.

In the below section, we look at the available options to watch the NFR from anywhere.

Pro Rodeo TV

This is the channel for those who want to watch NFR outside the USA. ProRodeoTV have acquired rights to broadcast the event live across the globe. So, don’t let the excuse of not being in the USA limit you to cheer your favorite sport.

NFR Pass

NFR pass is another way of watching the NFR from anywhere. Similar to Pro Rodeo TV , it is another good alternative to streaming the event at the comfort of your home from anywhere across the globe. This can help you save some cash. 

NFR live on VPNs

When in other countries, it can be a limit to access certain channels, TV, or sites. If the block is IP initiated you can use the VPN to mask your location. So, if you have to look for the best way to watch the NFR from anywhere but face the geographical barrier, using a reliable VPN can help you solve the problem.

Luckily, you can have a choice of various VPN. Among the best are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish. Moreover, setting up and using the VPN is simple. Follow the below steps

  1. Choose, download and install your preferred VPN
  2. Sign up, log in and choose the server location
  3. Connect to the server location
  4. Start streaming your favorite event.

NFR 202​1 live on Smart DNS Proxies

If your location is also limited to watching NFR, you can use Smart DNS proxies and be able to watch your favorite event. It works similarly to Virtual Private Network. It can unblock many other locked sites, TV, and programs by masking your geographical location. So, this makes it another suitable option of watching NFR live from anywhere across the globe.

Ways to listen NFR 202​1 on Radio

If you are searching for a live radio stream of the NFR, just visit the Pro Rodeo Live. The site boasts live radio coverage. The advantage you will is that you will be able to listen for NFR radio broadcast free.

If to listen through the website, make sure that the browser is in the latest version. Then click the player at the top of ProRodeoLive and start listening to NFR radio broadcast.

 You can also get the live ProRodeoLive radio broadcast on SiriusXM Rural Radio, which is channel 147.

​​Vegas during the NFR

There will be a lot of entertainment In ​​Vegas during the NFR. If you have a chance to be around the town during Wrangler NFR, you will have an opportunity to enjoy live country music, dance halls, concerts, gift shows among many other entertaining things. So, book your hotel your ticket and come experience live performances.

​Vegas turns into Cowboys City

For the ten days, starting from ​2nd to 1​1th of December, the ​​Vegas town will turn into a cowboy city. Everywhere, starting from lodges, hotels, and restaurants it will be about cowboy themes. While also many fans will be around to come and cheer their favorite roping, steer wrestling, bull, and bareback riding, they will change the atmosphere around the town.

NFR Performance

During the NFR, here will be live performances from different bands and groups. The performance will be before the main event of the day and at the end of the day daily.

After Parties

Moreover, there will be organized after parties during the NFR in ​​Vegas. During these after-parties, you will be entertained with free live country music, which will be performed by the biggest stars. You will also enjoy Rodeo customized drinks.

Among the after parties are the Rump’s Rodeo Party, which will be hosted by Justin Rumford at Orleans and the Silverton party, which will be hosted by Justin Frazel inside Silverton casino hotel.


Apart from sightseeing, shows, and exhibits you will also have an opportunity to enjoy live concerts. The surprise is that most of them will be free to any entry. So, this is the right time when you will jump, scream while you will be entertained with the biggest stars.

Things To Do During NFR

While it is expected that there will be more than 175 000 people who will make their journey to ​Vegas to be part of this coming NFR, most of them are going there just to enjoy the atmosphere. For sure, they have some other things to do. If you also looking for the things to do while in ​​Vegas, below two events have been selected as the best to help you spend your day.

  • Party Down, ​​Vegas Style

As I said earlier, there will be many parties, afterpaties, concerts, and exhibits during the NFR. So, if you are looking for the things to do in ​​Vegas during NFR, you can just decide to part of any party, have an opportunity, and receive some entertainment ranging from free to pay.

  • Sightseeing
  • IF you are not party enthusiast, you can opt to walk down and around ​Vegas and see various structures, themes, and customization. During sightseeing, you can take some selfies, photos and buy some street western food and drinks.

Cowboy Christmas

During the ten days that you will be in ​​Vegas, don’t forget to check and experience the Cowboy Christmas. It is part and one of the important sections of NFR. For this coming edition, it will be at the ​​Vegas convention center, the place with over 250000 sq. feet.

Here you will be able to meet 400 plus vendors coming from all parties of America and Canada.

The event is about the showcase of various western style items. This includes customized jewelry, western wear, western style furniture, pottery, art, handmade crafts, spurs, and cowboy boots.

New Year's Eve in ​​Vegas

New Year’s Eve in ​​Vegas is of the nation’s largest New Year's Eve celebrations. Indeed, it is second to the Times Square ball drop that is celebrated in New York City. For this year, it is expected that 400 000 people will come out to experience the celebration. This has forced the plan to close the traffic from Russell Road to Sahara during the celebration.

Though it will happen during the chilly month of the year, and particularly around ​Vegas, the atmosphere of many people will make feel negligible. Come and you will see the hype that will surround the city during the celebration. You will see the massive fireworks being shot into the sky. Without forgetting the big stars that will there to entertainment those who will be able available, this will make this celebration one of its kind.

NFR Opening Ceremonies

The National Finals Rodeo opening acts and the NFR anthem will occur everyday in the annual season ending rodeo at ​​Vegas. Lets see to ten-day rodeo opening schedule 202​1:


2020 NFR Opening Acts

National Anthem Performer

Thursday, Dec. 3

Jamie O'Neil

Friday, Dec. 4

Wade Bowen

Easton Corbin

Saturday, Dec. 5

Aaron Watson

Billy Dean

Sunday, Dec. 6

Memorial Night & Charlie Daniels

Jackie Akers (contest winner)

Monday, Dec. 7

Chancey Williams and the Young Brothers Band

Allie Burget (contest winner)

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Reckless Kelly

Tracy Lawrence

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Military Night featuring Coffey Anderson

Military Personnel from Nellis Air Force Base

Thursday, Dec. 10

Canadian Night - Trick Riding

Mark Chestnut

Friday, Dec. 11

Mike Ryan

Craig Campbell

Saturday, Dec. 12

Gold Night

Andy Griggs

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that this coming version of ​​Las Vegas NFR is going to be the greatest of all the editions. It is the right event, that you can bring your family and friends to have a unique entertainment of the time.

While we have given you everything that you need to know about this event, it is now your responsibility to book for space and have an opportunity to cheer together with other fans. Lets see the 202​1 NFR live stream at home and don't forget sharing this story with your friends and family.